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You Have Permission To Be "The Best You"

God created you in His image, not others, you are who God says you are! Therefore, you are free to be YOU! If you need help starting this process I am a phone call away.

It Is Okay To Create Healthy Boundaries

No! This two letter word will help you create boundaries in your life that will help you and others around you. Schedule an appointment and I will explain

It is imperative to incorporate Bible study and or inspirational reading times along with meditation to build a relationship with Christ and not operate in religion.


The time is now to consider what you put in your system. Clean eating will allow you to function properly, not sluggishly.


It is important to create a realistic budget to maintain and monitor on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis.


Create a healthy mindset by surrounding yourself with positive people; by all means control your thoughts, not allowing your thoughts to control you.

Gain Control of Your Life and Find the Balance You Need to Succeed!

It is essential to take care of yourself before trying to be everything for everyone else. There is always room for self improvement, get in touch with your Greatness first! “The Best You”


Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Avoid triggers that cause you to stress, don’t be afraid accept the change.


Cultivate The New You

You have to embrace change to be a better you. Change may be difficult in the beginning but the results are life changing.

Gain Confidence

Develop your own blue print, take away the limits. You are the new trend, OWN IT!

Ready Set Grow!

About me

I can teach you how to turn your hurt into healing and to drown out the noise of distractions.

Sara Doss

Relationships are important and it starts with yourself. It may take some longer than others. There is nothing more beautiful in life than walking in Boldness and Confidence in Christ. Operating in your God given purpose is beautiful.

When I changed my mindset, from giving others the authority to have influence in my actions and or reactions is when I began to operate in being “The Best Me” that I could possibly gain access.

“Don't allow anyone to keep you stuck, you have the POWER to change your ending.”
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What My Clients are Saying

My one on one with Sara has been very inspiring and caused me to create boundaries and to first love myself.
Mrs. Key
I thought boundaries were causing me to be a mean person but NO! I have more time, money, because I learned creating healthy boundaries with Ms Sara.
Because of Coach Sara, I began to think more of myself. I sought out to place value over the importance of placement with concerns in my life, starting with self. God, Self, and Others. Thank you!
Claudia B.
I'm Excited, Excited, Excited, about the changes being applied to my life in all areas to promote my growth because of Mrs. Sara.
LaShae D.
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